Saturday, April 14, 2007

Non Fiction Challenge - The Final List

I posted two lists of books at the end of March for the Non-Fiction Challenge. Of the original 11 books - I have dropped two because I have already read them, and another two because they are too big.

Which leaves 7 books - I'm sure I can read all 7 books in the 5 months of this challenge.

So this is my final list - those books I will not start until May 1st.

The Queen's Slave Trader (Queen Elizabeth I & John Hawkyns)
The Ambassadors (history of diplomacy and exploration)
A Perfect Red (history of the colour RED)
Old Books Rare Friends (Antiquarian Book sellers in NYC)
The Map that changed the world (Geology)
Improper pursuits (Bio of the First Lady Diana Spencer)
American Jezebel (Bio of the Founder of Rhode Island State)

First List I posted

Second List I posted

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