Saturday, April 28, 2007

Little House on the Prairie

There was a blurb in my local paper yesterday about the Little House on the Prairie books first being published 75 years ago. The first book published in April 1932 was "Little House in the Big Woods." "Little House on the Prairie" was actually published in 1935.

Little House Books
Little House on the Prairie
Laura Ingalls Wilder

But the Native Americans say that Laura did not mention everything that happened.
Little Laura Ingalls, her sisters and their beloved Ma and Pa were illegal squatters on Osage land. She left that detail out of her 1935 children’s book, Little House on the Prairie, as well as any mention of ongoing outrages—including killings, burnings, beatings, horse thefts and grave robberies—committed by white settlers, such as Charles Ingalls, against Osages living in villages not more than a mile or two away from the Ingalls’ little house.
Books to Avoid

There are a number of new books that have been added to the series. "The Girls of Little House" series chronicles the stories of the women in Laura's family. These include her daughter Rose, her mother Caroline, and also Caroline's mother and grandmother as well.

Old Town in the Green Groves
The Girls of Little House
I love genealogy. I really must try and read these books.
Martha's Books
Charlotte's Books
Caroline's Books
Rose's Books

Laura wrote a number of other books as well as the popular Little House Series.
On the Way Home
West from Home
A Little House Traveler

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