Sunday, April 1, 2007

Journeys of Socrates by Dan Millman - Review

How many of you remember the Peaceful Warrior books by Dan Millman? They were written a long time ago - around 1982 I think. In 2005, Dan finally published the prequel to the Peaceful Warrior series. The story of his mentor Socrates - who turned out to be his great grandfather.

The Journeys of Socrates is the story of Sergei Ivanov, in Czarist Russia during the time of Tsar Alexander and the beginning of Tsar Nicholas II. Sergei's father was a Russian Cossack Militiaman, his mother was Jewish. One day Sergei's older brother Sasha fell off the roof of the family house and died. The shock also killed his mother who was expecting Sergei at the time. Sergei was born by an emergency caesarian section. The last thing the mother said before she died was to request that the baby be raised by her parents. Sergei's father did what she asked and sent him to live with his Jewish grandparents. 3 years later, the father changed his mind and ordered Sergei to be sent to a Military school. Sergei spent the next 12 years there. At age 15, he ran away. The story of Sergei's journeys over the next 25 years around Russia amidst a changing political world, and how those events shaped his being, is a fascinating story.

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