Sunday, April 29, 2007

I am now officially a Bookseller

I just spent 3 hours this afternoon selling (or trying to sell) my paperback fiction books. My son decided he wanted to sell some of his books as well. He ended up playing at the park with Dad, while I manned the table. So for my first time out as a book seller, I sold exactly 5 of my books, and 2 of my sons - and made $3.00 total.

We just set a table up outside on the street. I wasn't too fussy about the prices - it's more important that I get rid of them as I have too many books. I was charging 50 cents for my books, and a quarter for the kids books.

Next time I think I will have more hard back books (going for $1) and more non-fiction books. Actually I enjoyed myself, just being able to sit in the sun (wearing a cap and suntan lotion) and reading a cheap novel.


J.S. Peyton said...

Oh! That sounds so fun! I wish I could do that but I'm way too possessive of my books. I'm a chronic re-reader so I'm always worried I'll want to re-read books I end up giving away...but having a street book sale sounds like great fun. Don't spend your profits all in one place! : )

Historia said...
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Historia said...

I dont have a problem with re-reading. In fact I hate re-reading books. Especially fiction. I tend to hold onto my non fictions longer for possible reference use. Since my apartment is so small, I really have to get rid of a good number of these books.

I put sunblock on my face & arms, but forgot my neck. The back of my neck is now bright red and very sore.