Friday, August 22, 2008

Sean Bean The Biography - Book Review

Sean Bean The Biography
By Laura Jackson
Piatkus 2000
Compleat Sean Bean

Sean Bean was born Shaun Bean in Sheffield, Northern England in 1959. He has a strong Sheffield accent, but can also do many other accents when required.

Sean grew up a dedicated fan of the local football (soccer) club - Sheffield United. Although one does need to note that the city of Sheffield has two teams - the other one being Sheffield Wednesday. After high school and one year at the local college, Sean applied for and attended the RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) in London. After graduation (1983) Sean got his start in acting by doing small parts on stage. However he didn't really became famous until he was roped in to do the Sharpe TV series.

The Sharpe books are written by Bernard Cornwell. The main character is Richard Sharpe, a Sergeant in the English army in France fighting Napoleon. He saves the life of General Arthur Wellesley (who later became the Duke of Wellington), and the General raises Sharpe to the gentleman's rank of Lieutenant. The series of books, and movies follows Sharpes and the The Chosen Ones (his sniper unit) in their adventures across France and Spain during the Napoleonic wars.

Next I saw Sean Bean in the James Bond movie - Goldeneye (1995) - starring the new James Bond, Pierce Brosnan. Sean played Janus, the baddie.

From there, Sean has gone onto play many different roles in both UK and USA. He is one of my all time favourite actors.

This was a very interested biography. I know this review is short, but when Bean's life is an open book (and on the IMDB) then there's not too much else I can add.

I read this book for the Memoir Challenge. Here are some Pictures of Sean's most famous roles.

Lord of the Rings - Boromir

National Treasure - Howe

Goldeneye - Janus

Sharpe - Richard Sharpe


Marg said...

I;m a bit partial to Sean Bean, especially after living in Sheffield for a while!

Susan said...

I sooo adore Sean Bean that I can't really mention his name in my house any more, my husband gets all jealous! I love your pictures you've chosen. Nicely done!!