Sunday, August 10, 2008

BOO - Munsch Book Review

By Robert Munsch
Illustrated by Michael Martchenko
Scholastic 2004
Background to this story

Lance painted his face for Halloween.

He painted a very scary face.
Scary enough to make people yell and fall over.

On his face, Lance painted...
worms coming out of his hair,
ants crawling on his cheeks,
snakes coming out of his mouth,
green brains coming out the side of his head,
one eye falling down over his face
orange goop coming out of his nose.

Lance put a pillowcase over his head, grabbed another pillowcase for candy and went out trick & treating. The first two houses he went to, he lifted up his pillowcase and said Boo. The person at the door fell over and so Lance went inside and took all their candy and even emptied the contents of the fridge into his pillowcase. Then Lance meets a cop who helps him with his heavy bag of candy - which was now full of candy and cans of pop.

Then while Lance was at home, the doorbell rang. Lance opened the door. A teenage kid with a bag over his face and a huge bag of candy, stood there and he demanded all the candy Lance had. The teenager said to Lance,
"My face is so scary that when people see it, they fall over and I take all the candy in the house. Now I am going to scare you and take all the candy in your house."

"Maybe not" says Lance. "I want to see your face.". The teenager lifted the bag covering his face so Lance could see it. It was scary but not as scary as Lance. "Nice try" said Lance, and then he lifted up his bag and yelled BOO!

The teenager yelled, dropped his bag of candy and ran off down the street. Lance took the huge bag of candy and all his candy lasted Lance a long long time. In fact it lasted him all the way to next Halloween.

This is not exactly the kind of behaviour one wants to teach a child. The scaring part is optional, but the taking other peoples candy and emptying the fridge is not.

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heather (errantdreams) said...

Yeah, it's a pretty funny read as an adult, but I have to admit I wouldn't want to be teaching a kid that!