Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daughter of the Sun - Book Review

Daughter of the Sun
by Barbara Wood
St Martin's Griffin, NYC
September 2007
Barbara Wood's Website

Barbara Wood has been writing historical novels for about 30 years. Probably the first book of hers that I ever read was The Prophetess published in 1996.

Recently I picked up Daughter of the Sun from the Library. This turned out to be an excellent story. It is Ms Wood's attempt to explain how and why the Anasazi Indians abandoned their pueblos (in the Four Corners Area) some 800 years ago.

Hoshi'tiwa, was 17 years old and a gifted pottery maker. She belonged to the Tortoise Clan of what is now Colorado. She planned to marry Ahote, the storyteller's apprentice. Hoshi'tiwa's father was a farmer. He grew corn for the village to eat as well as corn to give to the gods.

Hoshi'tiwa's plans were turned upside down when she was snatched by the Toltec army and taken from her primitive village to "Center Place", an outpost of the Toltec empire. Centre Place is probably what is now Chaco Canyon.

Hoshi'tiwa was assigned to the Potter's Guild where she distinguished herself through her exotic and unusual pottery. She made rain pottery. Beautiful pots which were placed outside to entice the gods to let the rain come down. Because of her talent, Hoshi'tiwa was re-assigned to the Toltec leader's palace. Hoshi'tiwa unwittingly became the catalyst for the eventual downfall of Center Place and what historians now call "The Abandonment."

I love archaeology and history. I also love stories with strong females as the main character. Hoshi'tiwa is a very strong character. This was an excellent story. If you are curious to know how the Anasazi lived, then you will like this novel.

Here is a list of Barbara Wood's Books.
Daughter of the Sun, 2007 St. Martin's Press
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The Blessing Stone, 2002 St. Martin's Press
Sacred Ground, 2001 St. Martin's Press
Perfect Harmony, 1998 Little Brown
The Prophetess, 1996 Little Brown
Virgins of Paradise 1993, Random House
The Dreaming 1991 Random House
Green City in the Sun 1988 Random House
Soul Flame 1986 Random House
Vital Signs 1986 Doubleday
Domina 1983 Doubleday
The Watch Gods 1981 Dell
Childsong 1981 Doubleday
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Yesterday's Child 1979 Doubleday
Curse This House 1978 Dell
Hounds and Jackals 1978, Doubleday
The Magdalene Scrolls 1978 Doubleday

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The Tome Traveller said...

Keep an eye out for Woman of a Thousand Secrets, Barbara Wood's newest book that just came out. I did an early review of it on my blog. It was a great story, I really liked it!