Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympics Update - Canada finally wins gold!!

Here in Canada there is a lot of pressure from the public for Canada to win medals. I heard a Canadian official state that Canada is known for being a second week team. The sports are not right for winning in the first week, but things improve in the second week.

So it is now Day 8 of the Beijing Olympics and Canada is FINALLY on the Medal table. As is New Zealand. The drought is over!!!

Canada has won one gold and one silver in women's wrestling and a bronze in rowing.
NZ has won one gold and two bronzes in rowing and a silver in track cycling.

Oh and Michael Phelps the wunderbar swimmer from the USA has now won SEVEN gold medals. One more and he will have beaten Mark Spitz's record. The record that has stood since 1972 (36 years).

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