Monday, August 25, 2008

Last summer days and Buskerfest

This is the last week of the Summer Vacation and my son has been moved up to the Grade 1 room at daycare starting today. He starts Grade 1 at school next week (Tuesday 2nd September - Monday is a holiday. Labour Day I think). Buskerfest was on this weekend, and my son and I spent both Saturday and Sunday at Buskerfest. It's only a 20 minute walk away from home.

I did not get to read much. I was too busy chasing after my son as he ran up and down the street looking for slinky's. He was not able to get one and was rather upset. He even got lost at one point. The estimate for the crowd was well over half a million. I dont think it was that big. People stay a long time, and its very hard to count people moving around all the time.

Anyway, my son is a very independent kid, even at age 6. He wanted to run faster instead of walking at my slow pace. So I thought we agreed he can go to the kids tent and ask if they have slinky's and then stay there. My feet were sore and I was limping rather slowly - as well as carrying bags of jackets, water bottles and all the other free junk one usually picks up.

When I got ot the kids tent, he wasn't there. He had been there asking for slinky's and when they said they didnt have any, he took off again. So I walked around looking for him. Nothing, so I stopped a cop walking past and said my son was missing. He wrote the details down, and as he was getting out his walkie talkie, he heard a message on the walkie talkie. A-B-C is at the information tent looking for his parent. The cop recognised the name as the one I had just given him, so we went to the information tent and there he was.

They looked after him very well. He was given a free ice cream voucher and a nice cold bottle of water. So we got the ice cream. He was a very smart boy to go to the information tent. I was very silly to not think of going to the information tent.

What I didn't know was that my husband was also at the Buskerfest looking for us. He says he spent 2 hours there in the blazing hot sun looking for us. He didnt see us so he went home again.

The weather forecast said it was supposed to rain and it was cloudy when we left home. Thats why we had our jackets and no caps. Sure enough about 30 minutes after we arrived, the clouds gave up their water and it poured. Fortunately for Toronto, when it pours, its usually pretty quick. Within 20 minutes the rain had stopped, and the clouds went away. Within another hour it was a clear blue sky, and a hot blazing sun. My face is now all red because I forgot to bring caps.

My son's favourite act was the FireGuy (Brant Matthews). I dont know why the Fireguy is not on the official performers list.

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Susan said...

You must have been so scared! I know when we were at the museum last weekend and we temporarily lost our daughter, because there were so many of my family there we all assumed someone else had her - we very quickly found her, but for those few minutes, I stopped thinking and breathing. I can only imagine how you felt when he did disappear, though thankfully for not too long. and he got ice cream!

Is he looking forward to Grade 1? My daughter is busy crying saying she's shy and doesn't want to see her friends! she's not very good with change, though I expect she will hop off the bus all smiles.

Hope you have a good Labour Day tomorrow!