Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anne of Green Gables at the CNE

Well my husband went to the CNE today to see the AOGG exhibition. He is not a reader. He was curious to see what it was like, and reported that it was not very big. About the size of our lounge. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment. Our lounge is not very big.

Closeup of the sign at the entrance. DH was also a sweetie and purchased a bound copy of LMM's biography called The Alpine Path for me. That cost $11. LM Montgomery married a pastor and they moved to Leaskdale in Ontario, not far from Uxbridge (NE of Toronto). Although the first book Anne of Green Gables was written in Prince Edward Island, most of the rest of the books were actually written in Ontario.

This is an example of a school room. On the blackboard (at top right in this photo) were written the lines "Anne Shirley has a very bad temper".

And lastly this is a portrait of L.M. Montgomery. There were other things at this exhibit, such as mannequins wearing clothes from the 1985 TV series and lots of photos on the walls. Unfortunately DH was trying out a new camera, and some of the photos are blurry.

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