Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rainy Day Blues

Payday today - and it started raining right on lunchtime. So I walked to the bookshop - in the rain - to see if there were any interesting books I want. Nope. Same old, same old. Its probably the first time I have EVER walked out of a bookshop (after 45 minutes of browsing) without purchasing a book and still have money in my wallet. So I spent the money on my June bus-pass instead. LOL

Right now I am reading The Map Makers Wife. The very interesting biography of Isabel Godin whose husband helped to map the continent of South America in the 1700s. She travelled down the Amazon River, from what is now Ecuador, to British Guiana because the Spanish refused to let her husband (Jean Godin) go back to the Andes to collect her and their children. They were apart for 20 years. The details of the mapping expedition made for some very lively and interesting history. As did her journey down the Amazon.

Technically I really should be reading one of the Books from the Non-Fiction Challenge or the Mystery Challenge or the New Notions Challenge. But this one is more interesting right now.

One more thing. The American Scripps National Spelling Bee was held in Washington DC earlier this evening. The winner was Evan O'Dorney from California. The Second Place Finisher was Nate Gatke from Alberta, Canada!!!


booklogged said...

Historia, thank-you so much for the suggestions for our visit to Toronto. I had several of those places already on my list. Added the Shoe Museum and Pappillon. I need to know what you would recommend we order at Pappillon. What are a few of your favorites?

Is The Mapmaker's Wife historical fiction? Sounds like an interesting book.

MyUtopia said...

I went book shopping in the rain as well.