Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Last Cato

Havent posted anything in a week. Not good. I'm supposed to be blogging about Books. Anyway I finshed The MapMakers Wife and am now reading a novel called The Last Cato.

It's about a Nun who is a Paleographer and works on the ancient Manuscripts in the Classified Vatican Libraries, and a Swiss Guard and an Anglo-Egyptian Archaeologist and their search for the True Cross. Those little slivers of wood that the Catholic church have been selling to their churches, claiming they come from the Cross that Jesus supposedly died on.

Oh yeah, about the Divine Comedy by Dante. The above journey to find the Cross, uses the Divine Comedy as a map - going through Purgatory, Hell and Heaven.

While I dont beleive that the relics are from the True Cross (wood is wood anywhere anytime), the story itself is very exciting. It reads exactly like the Da Vinci Code for those of you who have read that. And I love an exciting story. It takes me away from my boring life for a few hours.

The Blurb on the cover of my edition says this - The Last Cato is a riveting journey shrouded in mystery and literary allegory. It will do for Dante what Dan Brown did for Da Vinci - James Rollins (who is one of my favourite adventure/thriller authors).

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