Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mystery Books Challenge Book Review Number 5

When Day Breaks
By Mary Jane Clark
Harper Collins June 2007
Website Mary Jane Clark

And another new mystery author bites the dust. This book was an ARC from Harpercollins. Published just this month (June 2007). Mary Jane is a writer and producer at CBS News' New York City headquarters, and has written 10 books. Check out her website.

Interestingly enough, I actually have never heard of Mary Jane Clark before. I have heard of Mary Higgins Clark. Even read a few of her books. But I never heard of Mary Jane Clark. Are they related? Check the FAQ. Are you related to Mary Higgins Clark? I was married to Mary's son.

I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed this book. Read it in 24 hours. I just could not put it down. It's the first in a new series that MJ is creating using 3 of the best known characters from her previous books. They call themselves the Sunrise Suspense Society. They all work at KEY News TV station and they have a knack for solving mysteries. I was very pleased to have caught this series at the beginning, rather than coming in part way through.

KEY News is the centre of these people's lives. There's the anchor Eliza Blake - a single mom with a 6 year old daughter. The producer Annabelle Murphy with a spouse and twin sons. The cameraman BJ, and lastly a new character, Dr Margo Gonzalez - a psychiatrist, who provides insight into why people do things and act the way they do.

Long time KEY morning anchor Constance Young is leaving the Station and moving to a competing network. The novel opens on the day of her last appearance on KEY to America - her top-rated Morning show. The Executive Producer Linus is furious that Constance is leaving. He has already tapped Constance's replacement. A young woman named Lauren Adams.

But the morning after Constance resigned from KEY news, she is found dead in her swimming pool. She didn't drown. Everyone who knew her, knew she was a strong swimmer.
How did she die?
Who killed her and why?
And did someone see the murder being committed?

Eliza, Annabelle and BJ work together to solve the mystery.

Mary Jane Clark works at CBS News in New York city. Her writing about a TV network, the atmosphere and the ambience are so authentic, it really comes across in the novel. Since I have never read any of MJ's previous books, I will be searching them out to read. And I will definitely be reading future books in this series.

PS This novel opens with an act that would definitely be rated as "Extreme Cruelty to Animals". Just be warned that the first chapter is shocking, but necessary.

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Literary Feline said...

This sounds good! I bought a book by this author by mistake one day a couple of years ago (it's still in my TBR collection waiting to be read) thinking it was a new Mary Higgins Clark novel. I've since heard great things about Mary Jane Clark and so I hope to one day get to the book I have. Your review makes me not want to put it off much longer. :-)