Monday, June 11, 2007

Mystery Books Challenge Book Review Number 2

This is Review number 2 in the Mystery Book Challenge.

Anyway I finished reading my first Anna Pigeon mystery today. This novel was called Ill Wind and is number 3 in the series. Set in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, its about a young child and a park ranger who are killed in the old Anasazi cliff dwellings. There are rumours of spirits in the air late at night. One of the park rangers claims that the Anasazi are warning visitors away from the ancient dwellings. But eventually Anna and Frederick Stanton (a old FBI colleague) solve the mystery. The spirits turn out to be fumes from illegal toxic wastes being dumped on federal land.

I love stories with an environmental theme, and there are quite a number of American National Parks I would love to visit. I also love learning about the Anasazi. I find them to be mysterious - only because we still dont know very much about them. And their dwellings are just so beautiful. I am eager to read this entire series to learn more about the parks. I cannot beleive I have never heard of this author or this series before. Nevada Barr has been writing this series for over 15 years.

I still need to do the Non fiction and the other 2 challenges I signed up for - these challenges are kind of addictive aren't they? LOL.

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