Saturday, June 23, 2007

DECIPHER - Book Review

The Chunkster Challenge.
The cover quote is right. This novel is SPELLBINDING. It's also long (over 500 pages) which is why I am entering this novel as my one and only entry into the 2007 Chunkster Challenge which ends next week.

The short version of this novel is that the world is about to end in 1 week.

The longer version is that the sun is a pulsar star and every 12,000 years it pulsates, thereby causing major geological upheaval on the planets. Atlantis was at the height of its civilisation the last time the sun pulsated, and it was destroyed. That's the origin of the Atlantis legend, and all the flood stories.

It has been 12,000 years since Atlantis was destroyed, and in 1 week, the sun will pulsate again.

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