Wednesday, May 16, 2007

8 things meme - Part 2

8 things about me

1 - I was born and raised in New Zealand - which makes me a Kiwi.

2 - I am currently living in Canada - which does not make me a Canuck.

3 - I lived for over 3 years (as a teenager) in the Solomon Islands - and hated every minute of it.

4 - I love genealogy. Both my parents were born in New Zealand (as were all the grandparents) and are both part Scottish and part West-Country English. West country is CELTIC country!! Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

5 - I also love the French culture - which is why I am in Canada. My spouse is French Canadian - although he doesn't speak any French. I wish I learnt to speak French too, but I was always changing schools at the wrong times.

6 - My hair has been grey since I stopped dying it when I was pregnant - that was 6 years ago.

7 - I love watching Star Trek - especially The Next Generation. My favourite Aliens are the Vulcans and several years ago, I made a website all about Vulcans. Yep its still there. Shirkahr of Vulcan. Warning - the email address has been deactivated.

8 - As Helene Hanff once wrote - I have an Antiquarian taste in Books. I also love Bibliographic mysteries, and the one I am currently investigating is the matter of who REALLY wrote Shakespeare's Plays. So please check out my Blogs.
Biblio Historia and Biblio Shakespeare

Now, here are the 8 people I am tagging.
You are under no obligation to carry this forward if you choose not to do so.
If you've already completed this task, you are excused.
Anyone else who wants to play, consider yourself honorarily tagged.

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Heather said...

Working on mine! Should be up later today or tomorrow. Thanks for the tag!!

Lew Jaffe said...

Thought you might also wish to look at Confessions Of A Bookplate Junkie

Lew Jaffe Philadelphia, Pa.