Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Confessions of a Book Addict

Hi. My name is Historia and I am a Book Addict. Its been 4 weeks since my last online purchase. And 5 days since my last purchase from Indigos. Today I brought 2 more books from Indigos and received a box of 8 more books in the mail from my friendly online remainder warehouse. I must also confess to have another cart full of books filled out (at the online checkout) waiting for my next payday so I can purchase more books. I am really really addicted.

A Pound of Paper - Confessions of a Book Addict - by John Baxter
Out of the Flames by Lawrence & Nancy Goldstone
The Golden Thread by Bruce Meyer (left)
The Book Of Lost Books, by Stuart Kelly

From Love Field by Nellie Connally
Unknown Shore by Robert Ruby
The Hacienda by Lisa St Aubin de Teran
The Missing Gospels by Darrell Bock

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