Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Book Quiz

This Quiz is also from Literary Feline - Musings of a Bookish Kitty

A book that made you cry: Freedom Writers Diary which I just reviewed 2 days ago.

A book that scared you: Cujo by Stephen King back when I was a teenager

A book that made you laugh: None that I can remember

A book that disgusted you: Again, none come to mind

A book you loved in elementary school: One Hundred Million Francs by Paul Berna (originally written in the 1950's. I think my English translation was published in the 1960s and I was reading it in the 1970s.)

A book (series) you loved in junior high: The Chalet School Books by Elinor M. Brent Dyer. Those books were (and still are) brilliant. There are more than 50 books in the series.

A book you loved in high school: Cant remember. I read way too many books and they all run into a blur in my mind.

A book you hated in high school: I agree with Shakespeare. I had to study Macbeth in English class for 3 years in a row and by the time I left High School, I hated Shakespeare's plays and refused to read them. Still do actually. I have seen a few at the movies though. And some 25 years later, I am now really getting into the debate about who wrote the plays.

A book you loved in college: Never went to college - at least not long enough to finish anything.

A book that challenged your identity: Holy Blood & Holy Grail. I know it was a very controversial book, but it got me thinking asbout my religious upbringing and basically answered my questions of why I was having such a hard time believing the same things my parents did. Within a year of reading this book, I had stopped going to church and spent the next 10 years reading up on other religions (mostly Buddhism) looking for a new belief. Took 20 years but I finally found it.

A series that you love: Probably the best series I ever read were the Chalet School Books by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer. I started reading these when I was a teenager and continued reading them for the next 20 years. At one point I had about 50 books but was having a lot of trouble trying to get the last few books to complete the collection. When I left NZ, I sold my collection and have not seen or read any of this series since 2000.

Comfort books: 84 Charing Cross Road. The BEST Book about Books ever written in my opinion. This is one book I can read over and over again.

Your favorite horror book: I NEVER read Horror. Got turned off by Cujo - the book and the movie.

Your favorite science fiction book: I used to buy/collect/read Star Trek novels back before I left NZ. I havent read any new ones since moving to Canada.

Your favorite fantasy book: I prefer reality series, and anything thats within the realm of possiblity. (If its possible that it might exist in the future in our reality then its acceptable to me). Therefore I cannot and do not read fantasy - especially dragons. Well ok I have read Lord of the Rings series, but thats because there are no dragons in them. And there is one sci-fi author I rather like. Anne McCaffrey, and her Singing Ships, Killishandra and Damia series. But I cannot read McCaffrey's PERN series at all. Its too unrealistic.

Your favorite mystery book: Probably Sara Paretsky and her V.I. Warshawski detective series. I really prefer action, adventure and thrillers.

Your favorite graphic novel: Havent read comics since Disney's Donald Duck.

Your favorite biography: I read far too many of these to give just one favourite. But I think my most recent favourite memoir would be Old Books, Rare Friends - Two Literary Sleuths and their Shared Passion. (1997) By Leona Rostenberg & Madeleine Stern. Which I reviewed on May 5th.

Your favorite “coming-of-age” book: Everyone says Anne Frank. I'm gonna be different and say The Outsiders for books and Dirty Dancing for movies.

Your favorite classic: Which ever one of Charles Dickens books has that boy Pip in it. Cant remember the title. The TV series was awesome.

Your favorite romance book: I stopped reading Mills & Boons and Harlequins many moons ago.

Favorite kids’ books: The Encyclopedia Brown Books. I thought Leroy Brown was very smart!!!

Favorite cookbook: Any of Emeril Lagasse's books.

Your favorite books not on this list: see below

My favourite action/adventure authors NOT already mentioned. James Rollins, Clive Cussler, Matthew Reilly and Steve Berry.


Literary Feline said...

I enjoyed reading your responses! This was a fun meme to do, but not at all easy.

I hope to read Freedom Writers one of these days. Have you seen the movie? I'm trying to put it off until I read the book.

Cujo - I saw the movie and it scared me. I never tried reading the book.

Historia said...

Yes I saw the Freedom Writers Diary Movie - on DVD. Theres so much more in the book, than there is in the movie.