Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Book Thief gets a free vacation

From Philiobiblos

Karen Churton, the librarian from New Zealand who appealed her 11-month jail sentence last week, must have bribed the Judge.

After she appealed, he cut her 11 months sentence down to just 4 months and with good behaviour she'll probably be out in 2 months. What kind of lesson is that? Steal some rare books and get away with it.

Yep it was a bribe all right. "It was a first offence your honour and she promises to never do it again" said with fingers crossed. As if!! I am ashamed that the justice system in my home country is susceptible to such bribery. What ever happened to slap them hard the first time so they learn their lesson?

2 months is not a lesson. Its just a free vacation.

Book Thief wins an all expenses paid 2 month vacation

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