Monday, May 7, 2007

Bookwoman's Last Fling by John Dunning - Review

This novel is the 5th in Dunning's series about Cliff Janeway - the Bookman from Colorado.

Unfortunately this book is not about books or Colorado. Its a Dick Francis novel in disguise. The major story is set in the world of Horse racing in Idaho and San Francisco.

IF you like Dick Francis, this novel will suit you fine.

If, like me you wanted a novel about rare books, you may be disappointed.

The novel starts off with Cliff being called to look at a book collection in Idaho and he discovers that some books are missing. The rest of the novel is about Cliff looking for the person who murdered the books owner 20 years previously. Since the owner was married to a horse trainer, Cliff spends all his time at a horse race track.

Only at the end of the novel does he find the murderer - who also happens to be a Bibliomaniac - A Book Thief.

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mwo regy said...

The authour makes mention of a blacksmith shoeing a horse, when in fact a farrier would be be the one doing the deed, especially race horses. Everyone assumes blacksmiths are the people still shoeing horses like in the movies. They at times produce horseshoes along with a multitude of other items.