Thursday, March 22, 2007

This new source of books is awesome

I got home from work today (same day) and found the new books waiting for me. They took exactly 1 week to arrive. The online invoice said they could take from 1 to 3 weeks. I am very impressed - both with the fast service and the cheap prices. One of these books is a large hardback book. It has a retail price of $45. It cost me just $7 plus tax.

I have also found another new book I want to read. The Book Thief By Travis McDade. A true story about Daniel Spiegelman who stole rare books & manuscripts from the Columbia University Library in New York City. McDade recounts all the sordid elements of this true-crime caper in vivid detail, presenting readers with a retelling of the crimes, dialogue from the court transcripts, and explanations of the legal consequences and intricacies. In addition to the significant, overall legal themes, The Book Thief describes two prison escape attempts, one suicide attempt, a jailed defense lawyer, and the aftermath of this unique and interesting case.

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