Saturday, March 31, 2007

Simon Winchester - one of my favourite authors

Got paid on Friday, so I brought some more books. Those 2 I mentioned a few days ago, and the Oxford English Dictionary book. I just could not resist. You should see my wish list at Shelfari. There are about 100 books on that list that I would dearly love to read.

Old Books, Rare Friends
Improper Pursuits
The Professor and the Madman

I've been reading most of Simon Winchester's books ever since I first read Pacific Rising.
Pacific Rising
Simon Winchester
Simon Winchester
Here's an interview about The Professor and the Madman.
And an article about The Map that changed the World
Simon writes mostly non fiction and is always easy & enjoyable to read.

Speaking of Dictionaries, I think I'd like to read about Samuel's Johnson's Dictionary next.

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