Sunday, March 18, 2007

Books I currently own. Some I have read and others I have not yet read

These 15 books I have read and thoroughly enjoyed.

Madeleine Albright, A Twentieth-Century Odyssey by Michael Dobbs

Carolyn 101 by Carolyn Kepcher & Stephen Fenichell - Business Lessons from The Apprentice's Straight Shooter

Cities of Gold by William Hartmenn - A Novel of the Ancient and Modern Southwest

84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff (This was probably the first book I read that influenced me to think about opening a bookstore)

Mistress of the Elgin Marbles by Susan Nagel - A Biography of Mary Nisbet, Countess of Elgin

Chasing Shakespeares by Sarah Smith - A Novel

The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt by William Nothdurft

Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Baigent, Lincon & Leigh

How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci by Michael Gelb - Seven Steps to Genius Every Day

Galileo's Daughter by Dava Sobel

King of the Confessors by Thomas Hoving (This is the book that got me interested in Art History)

Connections by James Burke (It's the little details and accidents of history that turn out to be the real gems)

Contact by Carl Sagan (While the Book was good, the Movie was brilliant)

Bush on the Couch by Justin Franck - Inside the Mind of the President

The Ambassadors' Secret by John North - Holbein and the World of the Renaissance

Here are 16 book that I have not yet read.

On a Grander Scale by Lisa Jardine - The Outstanding Career of Sir Christopher Wren

The Jigsaw Puzzle by Ann Williams

The Dragon Seekers by Christopher McGowan - How an Extraordinary Circle of Fossilists Discovered the Dinosaurs and Paved the Way for Darwin

The Gnostic Discoveries by Marvin Meyer

The Secrets of Judas by James Robinson - The Story of the Misunderstood Disciple and His Lost Gospel

Leonardo da Vinci Flights of the Mind by Charles Nicholl

American Jezebel by Eve LaPlante - The Uncommon Life of Anne Hutchinson, the Woman Who Defied the Puritans

A Pirate of Exquisite Mind by Diana & Michael Preston - Explorer, Naturalist, and Buccaneer, The Life of William Dampier

Kepler's Witch by James Connor - An Astronomer's Discovery of Cosmic Order Amid Religious War, Political Intrigue, and the Heresy Trial of His Mother

A Perfect Red by Amy Butler Greenfield - Empire, Espionage, and the Quest for the Color of Desire

A Benjamin Franklin Reader by Walter Isaacson

The Map That Changed the World by Simon Winchester - William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology

God's Secretaries by Adam Nicolson - The Making of the King James Bible

The Last Days of Henry VIII by Robert Hutchinson

Players by Bertram Fields - The Mysterious Identity of William Shakespeare

Alexander the Corrector by Julia Keay - The Tormented Genius who Unwrote the Bible

This list is just in case you like History & Biography and need something to read.

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