Saturday, March 17, 2007

The last 5 books I have read

The last 5 books I have read are as follows.

Inside the Kingdom by Carmen Bin Laden. Carmen was married to one of Osama Bin Laden's many half brothers. She herself is half Iranian and half Swiss. She had 3 daughters, divorced the Bin Laden connection (before 9-11), and now lives in Switzerland.

The Secret Supper by Javier Sierra. This author is Spanish, and has written a historical novel about Leonardo da Vinci and that well known fresco painting - The Last Supper. The fact that the disciple John is obviously feminine looking, (and that Leonardo does use a female as the model) is not the big secret. The big secret is the order of the disciples in the painting.

In Leonardo's time, each disciple had a temperament assigned to him. The first letters of those temperaments spelled out a word that was heretical and blasphemous in the eyes of the Catholic church.

History on Trial by Deborah Lipstadt. This author is an American Jew. She believes in the Holocaust of World War Two. She accepts that 6 million Jews were gassed by Hitler. David Irving denies that the "holocaust" actually happened. He says a few Jews died in concentration camps - mostly from illnesses like Typhus. Deborah claimed in one of her books that David was a liar. So he sued her for libel & slander. This is the story of the court case - from her point of view.

The Truth about Hillary by Edward Klein. What Hillary knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President. Finally a book that tells the real truth of Hill & Bill's marriage, Bill's sexual appetites and liasons, and why Hill stayed with Bill.

The Jesus Papers by Michael Baigent. This is one of the authors who started the original Da Vinci code story. He co-wrote Holy Blood, Holy Grail some 25 years ago. This book is Michael Baigent's latest attempt to stir up controversy.

He says he knows that the New Testament was so heavily edited, that the gospels do not tell the full and real story. But there are clues. One of these clues indicates that Jesus was not a rabbi, but a rebel. No less than 2 out of the 12 disciples were zealots. They were Judas Iscariot and Simon the Zealot. Zealots were patriots, almost like rebels, against the Roman occupation.

Baigent also claims that Jesus made a deal with Pontius Pilate to not be crucified. While the New Testament does indicate that Pilate was reluctant to crucify an innocent man, there is nothing to indicate that he made any sort of deal with Jesus.

These papers that Baigent claims are proof that Jesus was a rebel, not a rabbi, are not even in Baigents possession. While he was shown them in a secret meeting, and took a few photos, the papers then disappeared and have not been seen again. So all Baigent has as proof, are the photographs. And despite over 20 years of study in this area, he still has not learnt to read Aramaic or ancient Greek. Therefore he can only accept whatever translation he has been given by someone else.

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