Saturday, March 31, 2007

Once Upon a Time and a Non-Fiction Challenge

I've been reading around a few Blogs and I came across the Once Upon a Time Reading Challenge. (March 26, 2007)

This is a challenge to read a minimum of 4 books in any of the following genres - Fantasy, Fairytale, Folklore and Mythology. Now I am not a fantasy & fairytale type of reader. I have always preferred facts to fiction. Thats why most of what I read is Non-Fiction.

So how about we do a Non-Fiction Challenge?
Read any four books - one from each of the following genres - between now and the end of Summer (Sept 21st).

Memoirs or Biographical
Literature or Literary
and Travel

If you're interested, leave a comment and a blog link, or list the books you plan to read for this challenge. If you're stuck for ideas - I found an excellent list here.
The Modern Library - 100 Best Non Fiction.
There are actually 2 lists here - one from The Readers and one from the Modern Library Board. There are some great titles on this list.

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