Tuesday, March 27, 2007

...hopelessly devoted to you... (the books I mean)

A nice refund check came in today so I am splurging. I am being sensible and putting some of this money towards the credit cards. And some of it has gone on food for the family for the week, and some of it simply HAS to go on books. So I have just spent $60 at bookcloseouts getting the following books.

Every Book its Reader
Casanova Was A Book Lover
A Degree of Mastery
Raising a Reader
So Many Books So Little Time
Into the Antiquities Trade
The Ambassadors
Court Lady & Country Wife
Virgins of Venice

The first five are about books, the 6th book is about an Antiquities Trader and the last 3 are historical biographies. I am so terrible. I didnt mean to spend that much, but these books are so cheap and so irresistable. I'm supposed to be decreasing my credit card debt, not increasing it.

And now I have just found another book I really really want, but I shouldn't get it. I've already spent too much. Old Books, Rare Friends
And I just found another Lady Diana Spencer. This is so interesting. Improper Pursuits

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