Thursday, March 22, 2007

My local remainder outlet has closed up shop

I swung by my local remainder shop on my way to work today - and was shocked to see that it has closed down. No tables, no books, no nothing. I was there just last week buying books. Noone said anything about closing down. But then they were always giving their regular customers (like me) discounts. The shop location was not the best either. Tucked away in a downstairs corner of a mall, with not a lot of foot traffic. It's a pity, because now the nearest bookshop of any type to my workplace is Indigos - the local and largest bookshop for new books (Indigos/Chapters/Coles chain).

However all is not lost. I have discovered a warehouse book outlet called Bookcloseouts where I can buy remainder books at dirt cheap prices. A lot of these books I have also seen at the remainder bookshop - so they probably buy from the same place. At least now I can skip the middleman (or middle shop).

The downside is that I have to purchase my books online and have them mailed to me. I purchased 2 books last week and am now waiting for them to arrive.

As for me opening a remainder bookshop - I wonder if thats now a no-go since a lot of people would prefer to do the same as I did, and buy directly from the source rather than from a shop.

Oh well - you win some, you lose some.

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