Sunday, July 27, 2008

Get Out of Bed - Munsch

Get Out of bed
By Robert Munsch
Illustrated by Allan and Lea Daniel
Scholastic Canada 1998

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Get out of Bed - the story behind the story

One night Amy went downstairs to watch TV. She watched the Late Show, the Late Late show, the Late Late Late Show and then she watched the Early Early Early Early Show. She finally went to bed because she felt somewhat tired.

At breakfast the next morning, Amy did not arive at the table. Her brother,father and mother all tried to wake Amy up. Amy continued sleeping.
What will we do, said her mother. I have to go to work.
So do I said Amy's father.
And I have to go to school said Amy's brother.

I know said Amy's brother. Let's take her to school in her bed.
Good idea said the parents.
So Amy's bed is carried along the road to school. It was carried right to the classroom and set down at the back. Amy slept in her bed all through reading, arithmetic, gym class, art, and still she did not wake up. At the end of the day the principal called the parents to come and get Amy and take her home. Amy stayed sleeping right through until the following morning.

The next day Amy came down to breakfast and said, I had a wonderful sleep, but I had strange dreams.
When Amy arrived at school that day, the principal said Hello Amy, how are you today.
Wonderful, thank you but I did have some strange dreams. said Amy.

When Amy arrived at her classrom, it was full of beds and everyone was snoring.

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