Saturday, October 13, 2012

I know, I'm terrible...

I haven't written anything here for 2 months and there's been no new book review for 3 months.

Well I am still writing on Squidoo. I have written some new book review lenses there. (see list below)

Lately, I just dont have the energy to write much. I did post 24 new lenses on Squidoo in September but now I am tired. I have been struggling with a bad cough during the last week.

Of those 24 new lenses, half of them were for a new challenge, And now I seem to be so tired, I'm not sure if I can finish the challenge. Which kind of bums me out because I really did wanted to finish the quest. But if I write while I have no passion then I will struggle with that lens, and it will not feel good to me.

Maybe I am spreading myself out too thin, I think. But even if it's only between this blog and Squidoo, I have to be careful that I dont repeat myself and thereby create duplicate content. Thinking about this all the time, kind of prevents the spontanaity of writing.

One bit of good news - I won my second Lens of the Day (LOTD) at Squidoo. This is a huge deal at Squidoo. My lens was on Diabetes and Halloween and it had some ideas on what to do with all the candy after Halloween was over.

I am still looking into perhaps writing e-books to earn money, but now I have to find a topic to write on. That's the hard part.
Finding a subject to write about,
that is of interest to me
that is not already online,
that has my unique point of view and
that will help solve a problem.
Oh well, I will struggle along and persevere. 

The following are some book review lenses I have made in the last few weeks.