Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aftermath of latest ER episode

I went back to the hospital yesterday for an ultrasound on my legs and they found exactly - NOTHING.

They dont know what caused my legs to swell, nor do they know what caused the chest pains either.
But they were looking for evidence of deep vein thrombosis - so far no signs. So I was released and allowed to go home.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

And another trip to the ER

My heart started giving me some pains last night, and my legs swelled up. Both are possible symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure - something that last happened to me in January 2010 when I spent 6 days in hospital being diagnosed with Graves Disease.

So at 1 AM this morning I grabbed a taxi and went to the local hospital ER. I spent the next 8 hours dozing on and off, having blood tests done, a chest X-ray, even a CT scan. Everything came back fine. The only concern was my red and swollen legs. They gave me some blood thinners which eased the pain in my chest.

I was discharged at 9 AM this morning with instructions to go back tomorrow for an ultrasound on my legs and then they will re-assess. I will have to wait and see what happens then.