Friday, July 30, 2010

Too hot to read and blog - and the dentist doesnt help

Yes I know - another whole month and I haven't posted anything new.

Sorry but the high humidity and high temperatures we are getting this summer are just so draining. I am too drained to read and too tired to concentrate on what I am reading. I am still reading books, but I am reading in small bursts, and not spending 6 hours reading all the way through one entire book like I usually do.

Temperatures have been constantly around 30 degrees celcius for most of this month. This last week they have dropped and temps have been around 27 & 28 degrees, definitely cooler.

I took my son to the dentist yesterday to get a couple of baby teeth removed. They were causing problems for the adult teeth trying to come up underneath. This meant he had to have a needle to numb his gums so the baby teeth could be pulled out. The dentist tried twice, but both times my son screamed and fought and wriggled and kept his mouth firmly shut and refused to allow the needle anywhere near his mouth.

The dentist had to give up because he couldnt do anything safely. So now my son and I will have to go to another dental office for him to have a general anasthetic so that all the work that needs to be done on his mouth can be done - thats 2 baby teeth pulled and a few fillings done as well.

My son has sensory issues and a very sensitive mouth. He even hates brushing his teeth. The dentist has previously mentioned that my son will need orthodontist work done on his teeth eventually. I have no idea how my son is going to cope with braces.

I hope that my reading and blogging will go back to normal when the weather turns cooler and my son goes back to school. Having him around 24/7 uses up a lot of energy as well.

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's been very quiet - I know....

And yes I know I havent posted for an entire month. I am reading but most of my reading is from fan fictions online - specifically from some of my favourite TV shows.

I am reading books as well. Have started several (I have at least 10 books in the TBR pile all with book marks in them) but so far havent finished any.

It's summer and my son is now home all day for the next 8 weeks. It's already very hot and humid. Temperatures inside the apartment reached a high of 31 degrees celcius today. Outside the temps are holding steady at 30 degrees. It is way too hot really, to do anything.

There are wading pools for the kids to swim in, but my son does not want to go swimming.

I will try and finish some of my books and get some reviews up by the end of July and hopefully more in August. I should also be looking for a job - but it's just too hot to do that.

Canada sure does have its extremes. Minus 30 degrees celcius in the winter and plus 30 degrees in the summer.