Friday, February 8, 2013

This weather is getting out of hand now

I don't know who upstairs controls the weather but today we are in the middle of yet ANOTHER snow storm. and once again this one stretches from Toronto all the way to the East coast of the USA - including from Boston and Maine, down to NYC.

We have had more snow this winter than we have ever had in the last 4 or 5 years. 

It actually started snowing around lunch time yesterday and more or less has not stopped since. The snow looks to be around 6 inches deep judging by what is piling up around the trees.

 A lot of private schools have taken a snow day today as have several Universities and tertiary colleges.  But the public and catholic schools boards say that schools are still open - although they have cancelled the buses.

So my son had to be wrapped up in a sweatshirt, a hoodie, a jacket and snow pants and boots, plus hat, gloves and scarf before I would allow him to leave and walk to school.

There is one thing I can say - AL Gore is just so so WRONG!!

This is NOT global warming!!!!

Once again I am not bothering with photos of my balcony - they look just like all the others.