Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The second canadian book challenge

The second Canadian book challenge allows us to read 13 books by one author if we so choose. The Individuals- Many of our authors have been quite prolific, having written 13 or more books. Want to devote the challenge entirely to Lucy Maud Montgomery? Margaret Atwood? Robert Munsch? It's 13 books by a single author.

I see Robert Munsch has been approved. I have just checked my 6 year old son's bookshelves and guess what - we have 16 Robert Munsch books already. So technically I can do this challenge just by reading these books.

Personally, I dont think Robert Munsch Books should be allowed. They are too skinny and only take 5 minutes to read. But since he is listed, I am going to read/post one Robert Munsch books as well as a "free spirit" book every month. Thats my challenge to myself. Or when I don't have anything else to write, I can post a Robert Munsch Book review.

I already have one Robert Munsch review on this blog. LOL

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John Mutford said...

Maybe it's the primary teacher in me that makes me allow picture books. And yes, they're a good way to make your quota ;)

Hey, I completed your Shakespeare challenge using a picture book!