Friday, November 9, 2007

Robert Munsch

So how many of you readers, either read Robert Munsch or had his books read to you when you were a kid?

My son has yet another birthday party to attend tomorrow (I think that's the 5th one in four straight weekends). I spoke to the birthday boys mom at the last party, and she said books would be good. I asked her "How about Robert Munsch?", and she said "Yes please".

So today I went out and purchased 5 Robert Munsch books. I had to get that many - because one - there are so many good ones, and two - I needed to buy some for my son as well because I haven't brought him any new ones for a while.

He says in all seriousness, I only want boy books, mommy. No girl books. And quite a few of Robert Munsch's books are about girls, so OK kiddo, no more girl books. That cut my selection of books today down to five. I found 3 boy books, one about a boy and a girl, and one about a girl. Now I know he doesn't want any girl books, but this one is about a girl on a really really really fast wheelchair. Now my son loves going fast, so I figured he might be ok with the girl going really really fast on a wheelchair. If he doesn't like it, the Birthday Boy gets it.

Update - My son liked the wheelchair and wants to keep ZOOM.

Update - There's a new Young Readers challenge for reading kids books out there. I'll think I might read Robert Munsch books for this challenge. No specific list yet - just whatever I buy next year. And if I find any Encyclopedia Brown Books, I might read some of them too. I haven't read any of those for 30 years or more.

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