Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Updating my Challenges for 2008

I spent part of the day sorting through my books and making lists of what books I want to read for Next Years Challenges. My Challenge Sidebar has been updated.

The History Challenge (12 books)
The Colour of Stones (a novel)
The Ambassadors by Jonathan Wright
God's Secret Angels by Alice Hogge
Court Lady and Country wife by Lita-Rose Betcherman
Improper Pursuits by Carola Hicks
Heal Thyself by Benjamin Woolley
Nelson's purse by Martyn Downer
Books on Fire by Lucien Polastron
The Dragon Seekers by Christopher McGowan
The Dreadful Judgement by Neil Hanson
The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill
(last book still to be chosen)

My own Shakespeare challenge (4 books)
Shakespeare by another Name by Mark Anderson
Shakespeare & Co by Stanley Wells
Shakespeare The world as Stage by Bill Bryson
Shakespeare the Man by AL Rowse
Shakespeare's Face by Stephanie Nolen
History Play by Rodney Bolt
A Year in the life of William Shakespeare by James Shapiro
Me and Shakespeare by Herman Gollob

In Their Shoes Memoirs/Biography Challenge (any number of books)
An Uncommon Woman (The Empress Frederick) by Hannah Pakula
On a Grander Scale by Lisa Jardine (Christopher Wren)
A Pirate of Exquisite Mind by Diana & Michael Preston (William Dampier)
Leonardo Da Vinci by Charles Nicholl
Elizabeth by Randy Taborelli (Elizabeth Taylor - not Queen Elizabeth 1 or 2)
History Play by Rodney Bolt (Kit Marlowe)
Christina Queen of Sweden by Veronica Buckley
Rene Angelil (The making of Celine Dion) by Jean Beaunoyer & Jean Beaulne
Out of the Flames by Lawrence & Nancy Goldstone (Michael Servetus)
Me & Shakespeare by Herman Gollob (a memoir) (Crossover)

Themed reading - Art & Antiquities
(read at least 4 books)
Thieves of Baghdad by Matthew Bogdanos
Sotheby's: Bidding for Class by Robert Lacey
The Rescue Artist by Edward Dolnick
American Gothic by Thomas Hoving
Stealing History by Roger Atwood
The Ambassadors Secret by John North
Into the Antiquities Trade by Kevin Cheek

Canadian challenge
(13 books by July 1st)
Starting Out by Pierre Berton (1920-1947)
My Times by Pierre Berton (1947-1995)
Under Arrest
Miss O
One Red Paperclip
A Nurse's Story
Emperor of the North
Unknown Shore
(more Canadian books as I find them)

Books around the World
(see sidebar)

Young Readers Challenge
read 12 childrens books

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Rick said...

Wow! What a list. My new year's challenge is just to get out of bed every morning next year.