Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blackout in Toronto and Rosenbach

A Book Hunters Holiday
By ASW Rosenbach
Boston, New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1936

The good news that happened today was that My Rosenbach book Book Hunters Holiday (published 1936) arrived, sans Dust Jacket. Which is probably why I got it so cheap. I purchased this last week as per my previous post.

The bad news is that my part of Toronto - Downtown - had a blackout. It happened right before the rush hour on a very cold and windy evening. I had picked my son up from Kindergarten and taken him to the barbers to get a long overdue haircut. The timing turned out to be fortuitous.

We were on our way home, (around 4.15pm) and had paused outside the 24/7 Sobeys store when all the lights in Sobeys went out - leaving the entire shop in darkness. Looking around we noticed that the traffic lights were out, and so were the other store lights along the street front. Including the library and the barbershop.

So we quickly headed down the hill away from the street, wondering if our apartment building still had power. The local corner shops all still had power, so I purchased some pizza pieces for us to eat at home. It was a good thing too, because my worst fear came true. Yes - our apartment building was blacked out.

So we climbed the stairs. And ate our pizza pieces, and dug around for the flashlight before the sun set. And then we spent the next 2 hours reading my sons books by flashlight because there was nothing else to do. No computer, no TV, no fan to keep us cool, and no microwave to heat up our food.

Fortunately the power came back by 7pm, which is why I am giving you an update. LOL

The city news says it covered most of downtown - probably including the subway. If anyone knows if the subway was shut down, could they please let me know? Just out of curiosity. Thanks.

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Killlashandra said...

Sometimes it's nice when your don't have any power. We lived way rural in Virginia when I was child and when the storms swept through they often left us without power for a day or more.

I have such fond memories of my family playing games, eating by candlelight, warming up in front of the carosene heater. I just felt bad for the fish. He never seemed to survive.

Glad the power came back on for you though!