Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Feeding those addictions - Hockey Cards and Books

Yesterday was November 20th. Thats a very important date in this household, because every year around that date, the latest series of Hockey Cards become available to the public. McDonalds Hockey Cards.

Now my husband is ADDICTED to these cards. He has been collecting them for many years, long before we were married. You would not believe the number of folders he has that hold Hockey cards. The good thing is that these cards are relatively cheap - about $1 per pack to buy, and there about 5 cards in each pack. The other good thing about these cards is that season is VERY Short. These cards will only be available for no more than 2 months. Hockey Season itself lasts about 6 months - November to May - culminating in the STANLEY CUP playoffs.

Come mid January and these Hockey cards will disappear. You then must either swap cards with other people to get any you missed, or purchase them on ebay at inflated prices. Hubby went out last night to McDonalds and came home with 15 packs of cards. Don't worry, he will be buying more cards as soon as the bad weather stops.

While I am not a hockey fan, I have learnt some of the major rules, teams and players names. It cannot be avoided when you live with a hockey crazed fan. So we have compromised about our respective addictions. I allow hubby to buy his cards during the short season, and he doesnt complain when I go out buying my books. This is a better deal for me, because I get to buy books all year round.

Yesterday I fed my addiction - again. I purchased a copy of ASW Rosenbach's Memoirs called A BookHunter's Holiday.

ROSENBACH, A. S. W.; A Book Hunter's Holiday;
Adventures with Book and Manuscripts. Boston, New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1936, First edition, 8vo [22 x 15 cm]; xiv, 259 pp, frontis, numerous plates and other illus, including facsimiles of writing, title pages, etc, index, orig cloth, gilt title lettering on spine and cover, endpaper signature, inkmark erased on title, interior quite clean and fine, in very good cover. US$18 Plus taxes & shipping.

So which do you think is the better addiction and the better deal - Books or Cards? I would love to hear your stories and comments.


Webster Twelb said...

I'm a book addict so I just have to say the book...but that is a really expensive book you bought there...i think it'll be cheaper here if i actually find that book..probably a dollar...idk...

we don't have hockey here..and baseball i dont know anybody who plays it etc..that could be in a card...except basketball...but i dont like that sport...

So Go Books!

Historia said...

It was $26 US altogether including shipping & taxes. It was published in 1936 and it's hard cover. I don't think that is too expensive.
I'm pleased with the price.