Thursday, November 22, 2007

Winter has arrived - a whole month early.

Now I know that officially Winter does not start until December 21st. But today is November 22nd - Thanksgiving day in USA - and it is snowing in Ontario, Canada. A whole month early. This photograph was taken this morning overlooking our balcony and the park next door.

I always thought it very funny to start the official season on the 21st of the month (because they are the solstice days) instead of doing what New Zealand does, and start the new seasons at the beginning of the month.

On December 1st in New Zealand is the official start of Summer. Although it will still officially be Autumn in North America. Maybe its still Autumn because the trees outside my apartment building are still stubbornly hanging onto their leaves.

So right now in the Northern Hemisphere it is officially still Autumn (or Fall), even though it is snowing. In the Southern Hemisphere it is officially still Spring, but only until December 1st.


hip_ragdoll said...

That's what it looks like outside my window too -- lots of almost-finished leaves with a dusting of wet snow!

Marg said...

On the same day a lot of Northern Hemisphere places were seeing snow we were sweltering under 100F temps here!