Friday, July 11, 2008

My future career - student

Sometime towards the end of last year, I wrote a post in which I was going to do a Records and Archives Management course. Unfortunately that didnt work out, because I never got the money to pay for it. I did not have a job at the time.

It has now been (almost) a year since my craniotomy (brain) operation last year and in that time I have had only one job and that lasted only for 2 months. While I can get the interviews reasonably ok, I am not getting any job offers. Last week, I had a second interview for a job I really wanted, and did not get it.

I do not have anything useful on my resume. Just my jobs, and my grey hair. The grey hair says I am getting old, and the 7 jobs in the space of 5 years labels me as a job hopper. I do not see why I SHOULD colour my hair just to get a job. Once you start doing that, then you cannot stop - and the fumes are very irritating.

So I am doing something I vowed never to do. Take out a student loan. I am going back to school (Trios Career College) to do an Honours Business Administration Diploma. This will include the Microsoft Office suite, Accounting, Human Resources and Marketing.

This will build on all the administration and marketing knowledge and experience that I already have. The course will be 12 months and I start on Monday. This is the only way I feel I can beat the competition by having a decent qualification and having a lot more variety and experience than a high school or college graduate does.

Right now I am a high school drop out - I never did the last year of high school that would have allowed me to be more successful in university. Back then (20+ years ago) NZ had 13 years of High school and at that time, the last year was the same as the OAC year that Ontario Schools used to have - but dumped a few years ago. I do not like going into debt, but I do not want to be doing crappy jobs (such as survey interviewing) for the rest of my life either.

While I do still intend to do Bibliography and Archives/Records courses, they will have to wait until I can find a long term job, so I can afford to pay for them. I will continue to read and review books. If I don't finish any challenges, well thats ok. I'm not going to stress out.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Returning to school shows your attitude of never giving up. My prayers are that your will very soon find just the job you want; more importantly, the job you were meant to have. Bless you and I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

heather (errantdreams) said...

Best of luck to you, and I wish you well in returning to school!

Anonymous said...

A craniotomy? How horrible! Re the job interview problems, here in the US you could file a disability discrimination complaint and/or an age discrimination complaint.