Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Look at Me - Munsch Book Review

Look At Me
By Robert Munsch
Illustrated by Michael Martchenko
Scholastic Canada 2008

This is the most recent Munsch book. Madison finds a ticket for free face painting at the park. She asks for "a small perfect rose that look really real" on her cheek. So the face painter takes a really really long time painting a small perfect rose on Madison's cheek, that looks really real.

Shortly after, while Madison is at the hardware shop with her dad, she comments that she thinks the rose is growing. When her father looks at her face, he sees two roses on Madisons cheeks. "But I think it was that way already" her father says.

Later at the Kitchen store with her mother, Madison says her flower is growing again. There was just one rose, now there are three. Her mother looks at her face closely and says "I thought you just asked for one rose." Madison says she did ask for one rose. "Well, I guess that face painter gave you three" says Madisons mother.

At the ice-cream shop with her Grandma, the flowers start growing all over Madisons body. Grandma watches as more roses grow down Madisons arms. "This is terrible" says Grandma and takes Madison to the doctor. The doctor says she knows a lot about people, but not a lot about plants.

"Let's try the garden store" says Madison. At the garden store, the owner suggests weed killer. Madison disagrees. And then she comes up with a solution. "I know" says Madison. "Let's be nice to the rose. I will go home and take a nap with a large flower pot beside my bed and maybe the rose will go and live in the flower pot".

And thats exactly what happened - sort of.

This is my son's current favourite Munsch book. I have been reading it almost every night for the last 4 months since I bought it. The weird thing is that it's all about a girl, but he doesnt seem to mind that.

This review is for the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge.


John Mutford said...

We just got this one recently as well, and as in your house, its in heavy rotation.

Chris said...

My daughter loves this one as well.