Monday, September 3, 2007

Serious Reader Meme

Based on the post I did earlier today (called "What is a Serious Reading Habit"), I'd like to start a new Meme - with thanks to Literary Feline who inspired it.

Do you have an overwhelming desire to frequently discuss the books you read - in person or online?

Do you gravitate towards book news and litblogs to see what everyone is reading and what new books are coming out?

Do you belong to several online reading groups where the discussion of books is the main topic?

Do you talk your significant other's ear off about the book you are currently reading?

Do you keep a reading journal or jot down your thoughts of all the books you read?

Do you enter contests for books and then feel like you won a million dollars when you win a book?

Do you get free Advanced Reading Copies from the book publishers so you can read and review them?

If you have...

6 to 7 YES answers - You have a VERY serious Reading Habit (in fact you might be called a book addict or a bookworm).

3 to 5 YES answers - You like books, but you know how to make time for other things as well.

1 or 2 YES answers - Books are read only when required such as school or college. You'd rather be doing something else.

For the record, if you read my earlier post, I have 6 YES answers.
The Hubby just does not co-operate.
No need to tag anyone.
Feel free to leave a comment and say how many YES answers you got.


BookGal said...

I got 5 yes answers. I'd love to get six but I don't know how to get advanced copies of books - I'[m not tuned into that.

Literary Feline said...

I fall into all seven of those categories. LOL

Callista said...

I got 7! I posted about it here:

Bookgal... I'm a member of

Becky said...

I did get 6 of the 7 :)

Carrie K said...

Hmm. I only had four yeses but since I have no significant other to badger. I don't usually do reviews & win a book contest because once I have to read a book - something happens to it.

Historia said...

Carrie, The question is asking - Have you ever entered a contest to win a book?

Not that you have actually won a book. Hope that helps.

Madame Rubies said...

I did it. :)