Saturday, September 22, 2007

And another History Challenge - YAAAAAY

Apologies for the silence, I have been reading a non-challenge book. Haven't finished it yet. Will review later.

Forget the seafaring challenge, for me anyway. I have just discovered a HISTORY challenge, and if you have read my profile, you will know that I LOVE History.

Back to History Challenge
This runs from January to December 2008 - 12 books in 12 months.

This is a challenge to sharpen the mind, go back & visit times long since forgotten in this day in age. The Back to History Challenge is designed to encourage readers to stretch themselves in the history genre. I am truly interested in getting people to venture into unfamiliar territories of literature. So...take this challenge and discover what history has to offer you!

So basically we are being challenged to read something about a part of history that we do not usually read about, or some part of history we know nothing about. I guess that means I can't read anything on Ancient Egyptian History since I know all about that.

Well the area I tend to stay away from is American history - specifically the Revolution and the Civil War. So I will try and read at least one book from each war. I usually prefer to read European History.

Now let me think. What Historical books do I have on my shelves. There is no mention about alternates or crossovers, so I'm going to assume they are ok.

So I will start with the following books which are currently on my TBR shelves.

Last Days of Henry 8th
The Colour of Stones
The Ambassadors
God's Secret Angels
Court Lady and Country wife
Improper Pursuits
Shakespeare by another Name
Heal Thyself

Apart from The Ambassadors, all of these are about English History.
I'll have to think a bit further afield. I'll have another look at my TBR cupboard on Monday


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to stop buy & welcome you to the history challenge. I have actually never read any of the books on your list but they all sound interesting.

Anonymous said...

With the challenge starting soon I just wanted to let you know that I will be holding a contest at the end of every month for the challenge. I haven’t decided what all the prizes will be yet, but most of them will be books. If you have any questions fell free to ask.