Saturday, September 1, 2007

Elm Creek Quilting Series

Elm Creek Quilt series
By Jennifer Chiaverini
Published from 1999 to present
Elm Creek Books

I know I said I was reading the Historian, but I got diverted by all the Quilting books coming in from the library. So far this week, I have read 7 of them, (there are 12 books in the series) and loved them all. I have just one more to read, and then I can get back into "proper reading". This entire series is fantastic. In each book we meet all the same characters, at Quilt camp in Waterford, Pennsylvania. We find out some of the history of the town, including the Underground Railroad, and why the town name was changed from Creeks Crossing to Waterford.

Even my mother likes them. And someone mentioned Earlene Fowler's Quilting mysteries. I've read through her website and they look good. So I plan on looking for her books soon.

OK - Enough said about Quilting. Time to move on.

I received another ARC from Harper Collins yesterday, which also has to be read & reviewed by the end of the month. Busy me, two challenges and an ARC all by Sept 31st. I better stop blogging and get busy reading. LOL

Oh yes and Yesterday was Blogging Day. I have only just now read this on Sassymonkey's Blog. Click any of the Blogs or links in my sidebar. There's lots of variety.


BookGal said...

The Fowler books are quite fun mysteries. As the series has gone on, they don't seem to be as quilting related as in the beginning. Fun characters and relaxing read. I think I may have reviewed one on my blog but I'm not sure.

Carrie K said...

They sound like nice fun reads. I've read a couple of Earlene Fowler's and enjoyed them.