Monday, September 24, 2007

More thoughts on the History Challenge

More books I might want to read.

Unknown Shore (Lost History of England's Arctic colony) by Robert Ruby [Canadian Arctic]
Kepler's Witch (Biography of the Astronomer & Heresy trial of his mother) By James Connor [Germany near Stuttgart]
The Amber Room (The Fate of the World's Greatest Lost Treasure) by Catherine Scott-Clark & Adrian Levy. [St Petersburg, Russia]

I have so many history books, it's getting too hard to decide. Will have to think some more about this. Currently I do not own any books about the Revolution or the Civil war. Although I do have a Book about Benjamin Franklin. He was sort of involved with the Revolution - living in France & England at the time. And I have a lovely big biography of Leonardo da Vinci, I want to read. Also a Biography of William Dampier who was a pirate and a naturalist.

I might just make a long list and make my 12 choices from the list. Thats sounds like a good idea.

And none of these are crossovers from the Memoirs or the Themed challenges. Some of these books I have mentioned in earlier posts, but I never got around to reading.

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