Thursday, September 6, 2007

Eyes still going crazy - slow down the reading

Remember a few days ago I mentioned my eyes were going crazy? Well it's called "double vision" (medical term is Diplopia) and today I went to see an Opthamologist. He says I have a muscle palsy which means there is an eye muscle not working and my eyes are no longer working together (an imbalance). So he is referring me to the Orthoptics dept at a local hospital.

In the meantime, he says all we can do is let things settle down. Hopefully it should heal up by itself, but that could take months. Not good. I do have to think about going back to work, and I cannot do that if I cannot read. The Orthoptics dept may prescribe prisms, or exercises. Will have to wait & see.

Also the Opthamologist does not know if this is related to my surgery or not. My brain has undergone quite a considerable amount of trauma, which takes a while to heal.

I can still type (sort of) because I know the keyboard so well, but am also hitting a few wrong keys. So right now, I can still read, but not as much as before, so my reviews will be slower to show up. My eyes get very tired much, more easily now, because the brain has to process two slightly different pictures. Sometimes I have to close or cover one eye to see anything clearly. Not a good idea, as the one eye that is working, then loses depth perception.


BookGal said...

As an avid reader, that really stinks. Maybe you could get your book fix from audio books while your eyes rest and recover. Healing thoughts are with you.

Historia said...

Thanks for your comment. I can't use audio books for several reasons - the first of which is right now we cannot afford them. I cannot even afford to buy new books either. Right now, neither myself or my husband is working, and we have only one small disability pension as our income. And I also wrote a post on my thoughts about audio books back in April.

AudioBooks Post

Ehren said...

I'm sorry to hear about your current condition :( I hope you do feel better soon and that you'll be able to enjoy reading again!

Carrie K said...

Poor baby! I can only see (well) out of one eye so the depth perception I have is learned instead of actual. When the muscles in my eye shifted I had a heck of a time distinguishing which image was real - even though one was really, really, really blurry. Basically colors. I can't even imagine how hard it would be with both eyes seeing equally well. I hope this resolves itself soon for you!!