Saturday, July 7, 2007

Oh Rockin' Robin well you really gonna rock tonight

Oh rockin' robin well you really gonna rock tonight

This line is the first thing that popped into my head when I read on the Literary Feline's blog that she had nominated me for a Rocking Girl Blogger award. The second thing that popped into head, was a huge "WOW, thank you Wendy Cat".

And you want to know why those words of that immortal Golden Oldie song jumped into my head? It is simply my most favourite golden oldie and the reason it is my favourite is because my real name is Robin. (although I use a different spelling).

Now I have to nominate several other Rocking girls. So here they are.

Mirabilis because I love reading up on all the latest archaeological and environmental stories in one place every day, and because she takes the time to scour the media to find them.

Philobiblion in the UK, because she is environmentally friendly and doing her part to show us the way.

Charlene in Quebec, because her book reviews are always well written and excellent to read.

Joy at Thoughts of Joy because if it wasn't for her Non Fiction challenge, I would have never gotten addicted tio challenges in the first place.

And last but not least to Wendy at Caribousmom for starting the Novel Challenge Group at Yahoo where we can all get counselling, and lots more titles for our TBR piles.

Thank you all for the wonderful Blogs you write.


Wendy said...

Why thank you, Robin *blushing madly* What a nice honor :)

Literary Feline said...

You deserve the award, Historia! :-)

I'm off to check out the sites you've given the award to, three of which are completely new to me. It's fun discovering new blogs.

Joy said...

Thank you, Historia for passing on the Rockin' Award! :)

I'm glad to know that you are enjoying all the challenges. I'm always willing to help out a fellow booklover even if it entails being an enabler! LOL

Charlene Martel said...
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Charlene Martel said...

Shall we try that again, *after a coffee to wake me up* LOL

Blushes like crazy. Thank you Robyn. I am thrilled to bits that you like my blog. I just loved spreading the word about great books that are out there. It makes me incredibly happy to know that people get joy from reading the reviews too!

Thank you so much!!!