Friday, June 27, 2008

Life, Inteviews and Summer

Apologies for not posting this week, but I have been busy. I have 3 days to finish my last Canadian book for the Canadian Book Challenge, and I dont think I'm going to complete my own Shakespeare Challenge - oh well. Maybe next year I can do it again.

Anyway I have been busy with job interviews and the end of school. I have had 2 interviews this week. One of them is calling me back for a second interview next week, so that's good. I hope I do get this job. It will be a start in a whole new career. But lets not jinx things too much. I still have to do the second interview.

Anyway the point of this post is that because I have been busy studying for interviews, I havent had too much time to read. I started the last Canadian book, and then I received another new book in the mail from one of my favourite authors. The new book was just officially released a few days ago. So I want to read that as well. Decisions, decisions.


John Mutford said...

I'm probably biased, but I think you stick to finishing the Canadian Challenge ;)

Good luck with the interviews.

Historia said...

Canadian book is finished and the review is posted. Now to read the other new book. Cheers.