Monday, June 30, 2008

The Last Oracle Book Review

The Last Oracle
By James Rollins
Harper Collins June 24, 2008

Published just one week ago, and I was lucky enough to get a review copy. Has it already been a year since Rollin's last book was released? According to this blog, yes it has. Time sure goes by fast.

My first thought when I looked at the picture on the cover of this new novel was That is the Hagia Sophia. It sure looks like the Hagia Sophia.

But it is NOT the Hagia Sophia...

It is actually the Taj Mahal.

Now if you remember, at the end of the Judas Strain novel, one of the Sigma Force team members (Monk Kokkalis) died that mission. OR did he? There was a small hook to keep you in suspense until the next book. Well this is the next book, and no Monk did not die. He was rescued by the Russians and subjected to experimentation.

That is the basis of the mission in this new novel. Experientation on certain children by the Russians. These children were born with a certain genetic sequence. The experimentation enhanced their talents and gave them unique abilities. The downside to these abilities is that they could only be active if the child was autistic. One of the scientists involved in this research, discovered the experiments that were going on and escaped in order to alert the west to the barbaric activities of the Russians. He was killed outside one of the Smithsonian Museums and died in Gray's arms. He had a ancient coin in his hand. This ancint coin was Greek and showed the Temple of the Oracles in Delphi.

Gray and the Sigma force goes on the hunt to find the scientist's killer and in doing so they find and free the children, and discover their old teammate Monk, whom they had given up for dead. Along the way Sigma discover that the descendents of the Oracles of Delphi are still alive and living today. They are the Gypsies, The Romani and they originated from India - where the Taj Mahal is located.

This is the cover of the UK edition of this novel - for those readers in UK.

As always I enjoyed this book. I like anything that James Rollins writes. I read it in three days. It always takes me longer over the weekend, because of weekend activities. i also took my son to see the new Movie WALL-E on Saturday.

If you want to know the link between autism, creativity and being a genius, then you have to read this book. If you know who Dr Temple Grandin is, then you are well on your way.
Temple Grandin

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Carrie K said...

I am so glad to find out that Monk didn't die. That's what killed me on the Martha Grime's mysteries, the hook that Richard Jury might not have made it.

Dr Temple Grandin is fabulous.