Monday, June 9, 2008

Eric Van Lustbader book reviews

I read and reviewed my first Eric Van Lustbader book at the beginning of May. Now I have read two more. One is the second Bourne book - The Bourne Betrayal - and the other is a thriller/adventure with religious overtones. I love books that involve religious history - even though I currently do not follow any mainstream religion.

Bourne Betrayal
Eric Van Lustbader
Vision Publishing 2008

Jason Bourne is suffering from very painful headaches and flashbacks where all he can see is a broken and bleeding woman dying in his arms. These visions become so bad that Bourne seeks out medical attention at the hands of psychiatrist Dr. Sunderland. However, unknown to Bourne, the doctor is an imposter who is being paid a handsome sum to tamper with his mind.

When Bourne is informed that his best and only friend, Martin Lindros, Deputy Director of CI and head of Typhon, a special terrorist unit, has disappeared while carrying out a clandestine operation in Ethiopia’s Ras Dejen region, Bourne immediately begins a resue operation single handedly.

Bourne rescues his friend easily enough but begins to question who that person really is. Working with Typhon agent, Soraya Moore, is awkward given their mutual distrust yet the evidence she and Bourne uncover begins to point them to a massive terrorist attack about to be launched against the US.

This novel shows Islamic fundamentalists planning a devastating attack on the US. This group are able to place an imposter into a high ranked position within the intelligence agency. This imposter quietly sends the military and Typhon teams on wild goose chases so that his operation can continue with no distractions.

Bourne is continually being told by the agency that he is the traitor. Bourne thinks he is innocent. But he cannot be sure because his memory is still faulty. Bourne must operate outside of the law to find the answers. Eventually Bourne figures out that the dying girl was the key point that sets this Islamic jihad into motion.

The Testament
Eric Van Lustbader
Forge Publishing 2006

Dex Shaw belonged to the Order of Gnostic Observatines, a hidden sect long believed extinct. For centuries, the Order has guarded a lost Testament that could shake Christianity to its foundations. Dexter Shaw was the latest Keeper of the Testament - and Bravo is his chosen successor.

Bravo Shaw always knew his father had secrets. But it was not until his father was killed in a bomb explosion that Bravo discovers just what those secrets were, He also learns that his own life is now in danger. Bravo becomes aware that there are others out there who want to know the Order's secrets as well. One of those people is Bravo's best friend, Jordan. Bravo has no idea that Jordan will betray him. Bravo also does not know Jordan's big secret. Jordan will stop at nothing to gain acess to the Order's secrets.

After Dex Shaw is killed in the bomb blast, Bravo comes into contact with a woman named Jenny who says she is his guardian. Her job is to protect him while he is on his journey to find the secrets. Bravo also discovers that there is a traitor in the Order. Jenny says it is Anthony Rule, a man who practically raised Bravo from childhood. Bravo calls him Uncle Tony. Rule tells Bravo that the traitor is a man named Zorzi. Zorzi is Jenny's mentor and trainer.

One of the secrets of the Order include a small scrap of papyrus with writing on it, that dates from the time of Jesus. The words written on that papyrus are dangerous. This papyrus is called The Testament. The other secret is the vial of Quintessence.

So Bravo must follow the trail of clues and ciphers that his father left for him to decode. He must also find the traitor and neutralize him. And lastly Bravo must also find the Quintessence and the Testament and keep them safe if the Order is to survive.

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Liz said...

I always find it funny with a new Bourne novel comes out -- because Robert Ludlum has been dead for years! Oh well. Thrillers are always fun. This book, Death in Small Doses, also takes on the forces of good vs. evil, with the good guys hunting down terrorists in Washington and New York. Because, of course, the terrorists have managed to slip in and are committed to killing as many Americans as possible. Lots of action -- it's a fast, enjoyable thrill ride of a read.