Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Challenges update

On my sidebar I have several challenges listed. One of which I have totally missed out on - the Themed Reading challenge. Apologies for that. Oh well, I will try that next year if it runs again.

But there are 2 other challenges that I have not yet started and can still do. In Their Shoes (memoirs and biographies) and the Back to History challenge. Both these challenges run from January to December, so I can start reading for these now, and hope I can finish them in the next 7 months. I still have 2 more Shakespeare and 2 more Canadian books to read. Also some of the Themed Reading books I did have listed can be used for the Back to History and In their Shoes/Memoir Challenges.

And one last note, just to make things more complicated, I also have one ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) from Harper Collins I must read and review this month as well.

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